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Dec 2, 2013 6:30am PST
aren't damaged on the property the army can also improve the appointments of the minister of defense and knowledge of the parliament building. governments will have control over them and they keep budgets. the new document which appears largely favorable to the manatee. the system and fifty into details. all appointed by governments and even lights and the army again this constitution is beneficial for the people because it clearly establishes obligation to the government to allow the rebirth of the people in her store all the rights freedoms and worse fact that the people must also work in cooperation with the government to build the country. the final tanks will go to the reference and will be bored to zone in the coming few weeks. come back and hit a facile way the government taking a closer look at the content is a shield of sunday working hours. the former boss of the post op this novel by he has handed in a much anticipated report said. and it does seem to be pointing toward keeping sunday most the day of rest. some stores here like supermarkets are allowed to open on sunday bu
Dec 3, 2013 6:30am PST
doesn't want this imposition of in the defense identification zone by the chinese blowing up into something bigger. but the signal because yuppies we stand side by side with you we support you on your opposition to the fish that the sun by the chinese. keep a calm keep it cool a lot of talking with beijing. how can we turn off the house was next on the joe biden is beijing. yes the backstory if you will want a silence so important to both japan and china on the sofa specific questions on the surface of things that i don't like very much. it's play violins tiny items which are uninhabited months of talks on some people call them i'm three reefs in the middle of the east china sea. though very much that you accept that their evening an important strategic sea lane and in what is around them at the store to be significant in the oil and gas deposits plus it's a major fishing area but the chinese on the jockeys who in the sense that very important. thanks for that robert carr says that if the foreign editor gets spent her son evan now syrian president assad last sun has begun to
Dec 5, 2013 6:30am PST
russian him and offered a defense that the rating on which um so that's a that's an important thing to keep in mind. ukraine has so many contests think with with specification is in many ways the country that is more divided than any that many of those on the only european competition the west and east but beyond the full stats every time i bought this as of monday up pressure on the gas energy. and a full set of the ukrainian state that is comically for funds which gives the fabric store for a new watch with cash through dry throat and cough delivered. we do we store was at the point you just talked about very much in the two thousand and four orange revolution but today's opinion polls show that more than fifty percent of ukrainians consistently back eu integration said. does that mean that these street protests have more taunts of spreading to the east to meet its knowing is again i think its current episode of the divide is no longer a simple and clear captain as geographical the kids to be obstinate and then ten more years to get up that said i think it's still a factor which s
Dec 7, 2013 7:00am PST
of enforcing a little bit which in fact cashing in on me with that with these anti back to self defense in the discharge the agenda the term to describe a multitude of rebel groups of om for it is in norton that you don't necessarily share a common strategy. local residents and civilians that have taken refuge in him at least one base to be a full mark within the african force able to look at the beeb is minnesota's and saw how christians muslims said that the most conservative christians if i counted around. church in with some go up and in the french army's job will be to protect civilians in a blue i'm gay the home to read to try and tell it that is the civilian population has seen here in banking. they have to cooperate with the fullness and the rebels who again of intelligent forcing a little bit here. it's an always easy and they are they're engaged in a pickup truck that statement right to force its way into the air that the perimeter of the m4 with the french soldiers this station. our italics thank you very much for that update alex come over and central african republic's cap
Dec 8, 2013 7:00am PST
included elevenear prison terms. tensions in the era south korea says it's extended its air defenses on to partially overlap but the settlers are declared by china. this amid ongoing sovereignty dispute over a series of islands that sparked tension in the region of them is on rolling pin to territorial islands and a submerged rock also claimed by china. thailand's opposition party says it's quitting parliament. it claims the legislature is no longer accepted by the peoe for weeks. thailand has been hit b protests aimed at ousting the government was sending embattled premier saying she's going to call an election and political cris only if the testers accept the results. could be a historic day in ukraine this sunday. organizers are hoping one million anti government protesters will turn on the streets of kiev is committed to keeping kiev ukraine's president of the opposition is against a victory in a covert moved to its historic trade pact the european union has close ties with russia little compact isn't yet he has the latest from capitol. to set itself a challenge that must be mole
Dec 1, 2013 7:00pm PST
that treat this post isn't to get different results. this is a defense team today well i would cheer you up the bits that otherwise is to prevent the map that is more likely to get tickets for the sports press them from the ad business the press. it's rough but after a match full of anecdotes the weekly pay yourself. i do. ong. d. what was one will the rcmp have hundreds of thousands of pro eu protesters apple police and stormed government buildings in the ukrainian capital demanding the president went for not signing a trade deal with europe. a breakthrough nuclear agreement reached between iran and six world powers is met with angry statements from israel in capitol hill hawks at playing the deal is failure. stalin independence movement launching its manifesto
Dec 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
activists and activists in south south african musician carell defense and seven i love dog on heat and add the commission a gentle the south african season fonts it is a cultural exchange between the two countries. he's going out with hundreds of events the cross. welcome everyone to say thanks for thinking that the prime debt himself recognized publicly the palace of culture and how i could change one td for the postie back in nineteen ninety two his best to get apparent since his release he pays homage to your wet city center. he said on its subordinate a considerable contribution to the back of the new south africa. met grace and sam. but they pay in kind and sydney have some news. how did you think you're making a change in the tt think it was contained to the ten mm to be christian a few quid for my preview we photographed the tcp in the struggle it is a bit he could submit it opened some people's eyes meet them think of it all the awards have been inside africa or something when the announcement of talk about the motive court in the struggle the mint cool too was very important event
Dec 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
will be considered as the ripples will develop a utopia. it considered as. and he's really good defense on the set has said that he would ask what does all he said these men. using force if necessary said our sad that some sign of the company often it does also probably still lived in and outside of the heat of the militias of the armed groups that have been able to send. and to allocate units when you get after him and that it uses to generate time the whole thing number of these groups are wrecking havoc in depth into motion. we should get an idea of who exactly these are turning out to lead our nation who is attacking civilians in the nineties. so of course they met in the countryside is very hard to get it so it's a tool i use a four hundred weekend for his information from the east. read it all truths are told. engineers are drawn to and back to again is going to be a crucial day the sunday giving the impression that the people of the central african republic god reassured that by the presents all french troops are taking up positions not just in buying dividends in all the flashpoint areas o
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8